PBR Texture Pack - vol.1

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After 3 successful post-production texture packs, our team here at Upstairs decided to go into advanced mode and create a PBR Texture Pack!

A new pack to increase your library of resources even more!

We all know how pricey high-quality PBR materials can get. Especially for students, recent grads, or even if you have a firm where visualization is only a small part of your work. These professional websites usually offer PBR materials in a subscription model or sold individually, which can then get a lot more expensive.

So thinking about this, we created the PBR Texture Pack vol.1 to help your start or extend your library of materials at an accessible price. It's a single payment that gets you 25 PBR Materials in 4K.

By purchasing the pack you're also supporting the Upstairs platform so that we can continue working on free youtube videos.

For those new to this term, PBR stands for "Physically Based Rendering".

A PBR texture is composed of a set of images that when combined in a render engine generate a realistic-looking material. You combine a Diffuse texture (which is like a texture from the other texture packs) with a handful of other channels that contain other information such as reflectiveness, height, glossiness, and so on.

This is an advanced method, but it's essential if you want to achieve a high level of realism in your images.

What's included in this pack:

  • 25 PBR Materials in 4K resolution (4096 x 4096 pixels)
    All textures are seamless, and each material has 4 channels included: Roughness, Normal, Specular, and Displacement.
  • 3 short tutorials explaining how to create a PBR material in the following render engines: Lumion, Twinmotion, and Enscape.

⚠ Be advised! ⚠

This is an advanced pack! To use its full potential you must know how they work in the rendering engine you use. Each software has a different process, but they all work somewhat similarly.
If you never used or work with this type of material, I suggest going on youtube and typing "PBR Material in X software" (replace X with your render engine of choice). It's not hard but requires some extra steps.

While you're at it learning this, I also recommend researching the difference between a Roughness or a Glossiness workflow as it may help you understand this process better.

With that being said, we don't offer support or assistance further than the videos included in this pack! Just as with any other pack here in the store, you are purchasing it to increase your own library of resources. But different from the others, it requires extra knowledge to make it function properly.

Interested in understanding our single-person license and what's not permitted? Check out our Terms of Use here to review usage guidelines and restrictions.

Thank you so much for supporting this platform.

Need help? Hit us at hello@learnupstairs.com

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Here's what you'll get in this pack:

25 PBR Materials in 4k
(4096 x 4096 pixels)
by category:
Short tutorials
(Lumion, Enscape, and Twinmotion)
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PBR Texture Pack - vol.1

5 ratings
I want this!